UTAK Specialty Matrices branded as SMx™, reach well beyond the core of central laboratory testing with Human Blood, Urine, and Serum.


Custom Products

UTAK’s ability to manufacture Custom Specified controls by the customer is unmatched in low, mid, or high volume testing. Basically, you create it and we make it.

100% Real

UTAK 100% REAL human matrices yield predictable, consistent results.

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UTAK Loves LABS! Lab Week 2015

UTAK Loves LABS! Lab Week 2015

UTAK LOVES LABS! Join UTAK in celebration of Lab Week 2015, April 19-25. We honor you and your colleagues for being an essential part of the healthcare community. Thank you. Inspired by Laboratorians, UTAK has commissioned Southern California artist NATHAN HOOKER to...
Welcome to Made in UTAK

Welcome to Made in UTAK

My name is Jim Plutchak and I am the CEO of UTAK Laboratories (UTAK). As the son of UTAK’s founders, I have been involved with UTAK my entire life. While I have many interests in the disciplines surrounding laboratory medicine and quality control, my primary...

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