And The Winners Are…

And The Winners Are…

UTAK would like to congratulate the winners of our UTAK Loves Labs 2015 contest and thank all who participated in the competition. Southern Californian artist Nathan Hooker created a unique piece inspired by the dedication, passion, and integrity of lab workers with “Judy.” Each winner will receive a limited edition signed and numbered print of “Judy” for winning.
Congratulations and thank you! UTAK Loves Labs!

See all of the winners and their stories after the break…

Debra SwigartOur laboratory is running an “in-house developed” fractionated 25-OH Vitamin D testing on our LC/MSMS system and we were making our own standards. It was very labor intensive and we needed a precise but “economical” solution. UTAK was able to manufacture a custom set of six (6) controls that had been validated by a third party which we could use for calibrators. They even were able to package them in vials that we supplied to use on our pipetting station (Eppendorf EP Motion) so there was no need to transfer them for use by the staff.

Suzanne FischerWe have requested UTAK to prepare the majority of controls that we are using in our Toxicology department for drug confirmation testing. UTAK has been extremely helpful in that regard. We currently have a special Tricyclic Antidepressant control containing Amitriptyline/Nortriptyline, Imipramine/Desipramine, Doxepin/NorDoxepin. We also have two special opiate controls – one containing Morphine/codeine/6-MAM and hydromorphone and the other containing dihydrocodeine/hydrocodone/oxycodone. Additionally, we have a special THC glucuronide control at 11 ng/mL. Every time we have requested a special control, UTAK has been great to develop it and have it verified and delivered within a reasonable time period.

Beth Sersen – I needed a norepinephrine (NE) free urine control to extract calibration standards and QC samples from for a bioanalytical assay I was developing using ion exchange SPE and HPLC-ECD detection. Norepinephrine is an endogenous compound and the techniques I used to degrade native NE in porcine urine were not working to my satisfaction. Thankfully SMx urine met my needs. By employing SMx urine, I was able to establish a 1 ng/mL lower limit of quantitation (LLOQ).

David Shumate – Our lab needed a custom control for an LC MS/MS urine drug panel. UTAK supplied us a custom control with over 40 drugs in our specified concentration.

Lily Isaac – We placed orders for negative blood and urine controls; we understand that is really difficult to find negative blood and appreciate all your efforts to continue to provide us with these controls.

Timothy Thomas – Here at PCLS in the toxicology lab, we often find that it is necessary to compare the concentrations of our urine samples to that of known controls in order to have a proper comparison of the analytes for each assay. For a good while, it was convenient to use our own in-house solutions as a quality control. But as our sample volume grew and the number or assays we were testing for increased, we found it necessary to consider other qc options. Now we use UTAK solutions as our quality controls and they have been proven exemplary for our testing needs. This was truly a custom control moment for us and really fit our needs as a lab.

Russell Potter – We have been using a UTAK custom matrix for Busulfan for nearly ten years now. It was delightful to have control in potassium heparin for this obscure pharmaceutical.

Ada Rodriguez – We have ordered a few Custom Controls and still do have Custom Controls currently from UTAK. I have listed a few of the ones we currently order below. DAU 2 F KCCL – ETH 105 U KCCL – QC 1 WB KCCL – DA WB LR5 KC – DA WB MR5 KC

Rich Mathieu – UTAK has always been there for us as a partner in just about every assay we develop on our Mass Spectrometers. There has always been a good relationship between PAML R&D and UTAK, from our first Vitamin D2/D3 assay and early in the development of our Testosterone assay we reached out to UTAK for any assistance that they might provide us. The development of our Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Panel was the first “True” custom control request that we made to UTAK. The analytes that we were interested in controlling were all available commercially in some form or fashion; however we would have had to rely on multiple vendors to obtain the desired levels and concentrations. In order to simplify test set up for the staff and reduce our inventory and costs, we looked to UTAK to prepare a material that would satisfy what we needed in a hormone control.

More recently we were tasked with the development of several TDM assays, one of the criteria for selecting the analytes to be developed by our lab was based on whether or not control material was commercially available. Off the shelf material from UTAK for our Antipsychotic, Tricyclic and Anti-Epileptic drug panels have more than satisfied what we needed in control material. The Control Freaks website is always a well-worn path in just about every assay we develop; it is nice to see a company that is responsive to the customers’ needs and dedicated to a superior level of customer service.

Sarah Sullivan – *Custom Control story pending approval.*

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