WHY Custom Controls

David Shumate – “Our lab needed a custom control for an LC MS/MS urine drug panel. UTAK supplied us a custom control with over 40 drugs in our specified concentration.”

UTAK’s ability to manufacture Custom Specified controls by the customer is unmatched in low, mid, or high volume testing. Basically, you create it and we make it.

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Note: An added benefit is that Inter-laboratory comparison of results, made possible with a uniform control, allows labs to be confident that test results generated are accurate.


A Custom manufactured Quality Control, from UTAK, will give you compliance with the ISO 15189 and other Lab Accreditation Standards for all of your Laboratory Developed Tests. Let’s face it, science and technology are accelerating faster than we can all keep up. There is no truer place for this to be happening than in the development of New and Novel analytical techniques for laboratory testing. With the lack of commercially available products for testing, laboratories with the advancement in technology via LCMS, LCMS/MS, GCMS, GCMS/MS, HPLC, UHPLC, QTOF, etc., are forced to create, verify, and validate their own methodologies, Lab Developed TEST (LDT).

Creating a Lab Developed Test, is a journey filled with risk and uncertainty to source all of the materials required. If a lab is making reference materials in house, it is important to note that depending on how they are prepared, “home brewed” calibrators and controls vary greatly between labs. This inter-laboratory variability means the same sample assayed in different labs yields different results. So, Matrix – Fill size – Number of levels – Analytes of Interest – and concentrations are all we need to get the discussion started. The Control Freaks have but one focus, and that is the customer. Seeking and identifying Laboratories and Laboratorians that we can work with and manufacture Bulk Matrices, Specialty Matrices, and Quality Control products to support quality control and method development activities. When accuracy matters, createCONTROL.


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If you cannot find a stock product to meet your needs, UTAK will partner with you to manufacture custom controls according to your exact specifications

It’s this straightforward, you make the choices that fit your needs, UTAK works closely with you to produce the controls you require. You choose the Matrix, Analyte, Concentration, Volume Fill Size per Vial and Liquid-stable Frozen or Freeze Dried Consistency. We make your choices a reality, and we do it at a competitive cost.

To learn more about how we can help meet your custom needs and specifications, simply fill out this form and return it to us. We will be pleased to open a discussion with you.