UTAK Specialty Matrices branded as SMx™, reach well beyond the core of central laboratory testing with Human Blood, Urine, and Serum. As UTAK garnered more expertise in the manufacture of toxicology controls, we began to push the envelope in regards to other types of reference materials for Laboratory testing, where collection of native patient matrices are not readily available.

With growing demand for specialized custom products, UTAK began to develop special matrices and controls, that in organic form, proved too unstable, hazardous, or not readily available such as sweat and oral fluid.

Now, our Specialty Matrix – SMx™ bulk matrices and Quality Control Products have grown into an entire line including; SMx™ Oral Fluid, SMx™ Sweat, SMx™ Hair, SMx™ Urine, SMx™ Serum, SMx™ Cerebral Spinal Fluid, and SMx™ Synovial Fluid.

Note: An added benefit is that Inter-laboratory comparison of results, made possible with a uniform control, allows labs                     to be confident that test results generated are accurate.

Consistent, predictable, and sustainable Specialty Matrix Products for the most specialized testing methods, will                       also give you compliance with the ISO 15189 Standard for all of your Laboratory Developed Tests.

When you need a Specialty Matrix or Specialty Control, remember UTAK SMx™ and we will be there to take the Journey with you. The Control Freaks have but one focus, and that is the customer. Seeking and identifying Laboratories and Laboratorians that we can work with and manufacture Bulk Matrices, Specialty Matrices, and Quality Control products to support quality control and method development activities.

When accuracy matters, createCONTROL.