Delta-9-THC (Parent)

  1. Controls containing Delta-9-THC must be packaged in the frozen form as the lyophilization process triggers degradation.
  2. Silanized amber glass vials should always be used to protect the stability of Delta-9-THC in any matrix.

Matrix Effects

  1. Preservatives and additives can cause significant matrix effects, particularly with immunoassay test methods, which is why UTAK offers controls manufactured in 100% human matrices.

Ordering Process

  1. When ordering stock products, simply contact UTAK by phone, fax or email to place your order. A valid purchase order or credit card is necessary to process the order.
  2. When ordering custom products, you must first sign a valid quotation to confirm the pricing and product specifications.

Whole Blood Controls

  1. NEVER vortex a whole blood control after reconstitution – the whole blood will foam and the performance
    of the control will suffer.
  2. After reconstitution, allow a whole blood control to equilibrate for one hour at room temperature