About UTAK

At UTAK we consider ourselves Control Freaks, committed to providing 100% human matrix control materials to our customers, and partnering with you to ensure you provide accurate results. We originated the manufacturing of complex, personalized quality controls, making controls that no one else could. And we’re still doing it today.

Control Freak

We’re a different
kind of control freak.

  • We are a team of Control Freaks.
  • Ready to have some fun.
  • Each day starts with the same approach.
  • We rise and move as one.
  • Sharing both failure and triumph.
  • When all is said and done.
  • We are a team of Control Freaks.
  • With commitment second to none.

This is UTAK. In control, ahead of the curve.

Larry Plutchak

Founder | Larry Plutchak

Once upon a time labs made their own QC material, spending valuable resources troubleshooting samples that were too often out of range. In 1973 toxicology chemist Larry Plutchak saw an opportunity to overcome this obstacle, helping labs fill their need for 3rd party commercial QC material. Since that time UTAK has been sourcing 100% human matrices and the purest drugs possible, to provide labs with the controls they need for every kind of analysis.

Like the acorn, the analyte doesn’t fall far from the tree, and today UTAK carries on its quest for quality control perfection under the leadership of Larry’s son, Jim Plutchak. With Jim in control, UTAK has perfected the practice of using flexible manufacturing practices to create unmatched control material for personalized, custom-designed clinical and forensic toxicology tests. Today we offer labs a wide range of comprehensive stock controls in urine, serum, blood, oral fluid and more; personalized control design to serve esoteric LDTs; and in-house home brew test methods for customers seeking to develop new methods and measure new limits.

Our Team

Jim Plutchak
Jim Plutchak | CEO
Christina Plutchak
Christina Plutchak | CFO
Kevin Kopp
Kevin Kopp | COO