Antihypertensives Level 1

Product: 31820

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*Although we no longer maintain a ready-to-order stock of this control, we offer Antihypertensive Controls on a made-to-order basis through our Custom QC program. 

Therapeutic drug monitoring is an important aspect of treating hypertension. Antihypertensives are often monitored to verify compliance. These serum controls can be customized to give labs multiple data points for their quality assurance program.

Product Contains: AMlodipine, Atenolol, Clonidine, Furosemide, Hydrochlorothiazide, Metoprolol, Propranolol

Matrix: Serum
Unit Size: 5x5mL
Form: Lyophilized
Shelf Life: 30 months
Storage: Store dried control material at 2-8℃ (35-46℉).