SMx Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Product: 35100

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Product Details

Our Specialty Matrix (SMx) Cerebral Spinal Fluid is a synthetic product designed specifically to mimic real human cerebral spinal fluid while eliminating unwanted endogenous analytes. SMx Cerebral Spinal Fluid can be used on any testing platform, including LCMS, LC-MS/MS, GCMS, and Time of Flight (TOF). Although we no longer maintain a ready-to-order stock of this product, we offer SMx Cerebral Spinal Fluid in customizable fill sizes on a made-to-order basis through our Personalized QC program.

Product Contains: SMx Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Matrix: Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Unit Size: 1x100mL
Form: Frozen
Shelf Life: 24 months
Storage: Store fresh frozen control material at or below -10℃ (14℉).