Xylazine Now Available Analyte in Drugs of Abuse QC Testing with UTAK

UTAK just rolled out its new Custom Quality Control Program for Drugs of Abuse and with it, the option to handcraft your own Quality Controls using Xylazine.

The reason for this? Well, In Forensics, we know it can be a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing drugs of abuse market, especially with an emergent drug epidemic on every horizon.

The newest face of this illicit drug market has been rearing its ugly head:  Fentanyl, which has claimed more young American lives than any other cause of death. To make it worse, it’s being combined with Xylazine, which has no known ‘Antidote.’

In the field of forensic analysis, accuracy and reliability are critical. The success of investigations often hinges on the precise identification and quantification of substances found at crime scenes.

Xylazine has gained attention recently due to its misuse as a recreational drug. In response to this emerging challenge, UTAK is proud to announce the launch of Xylazine as an option to use in your Quality Controls.

Our goal is to help you ensure the integrity of analytical results and enhance efficiency in the detection and quantification of Xylazine.

We’ve always given Forensic Labs total control over what goes into their QCs, and now you can easily craft them with Xylazine using our new, and simplified custom QC builder. 

At UTAK, we know the proof of bias rests on your shoulders. That’s why we’re here to be your trusted partner and deliver Quality Controls and ensure that your results are 100% accurate, on time, and within a tight budget.