matrix effects in quality control

Do QC Materials Exhibit Matrix-Related Bias Effects?

As any Quality Control professional will tell you, the key to any accurate laboratory practice is ensuring that your reagents are at optimal levels of purity to ensure their accuracy and consistency. However, this can be challenging, especially when biological samples s...

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Control Freak Stories- Brown University

Highlights: Overview  “Custom matrices allow us as a team to think of different prototypes we can build going forward and opens up our research studies.” – Ramisa Fariha, Doctoral Candidate at Brown University The Tripathi Laboratory For Microfluidic Diag...

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UTAK’s Latest Website Features

The Control Freaks have recently updated our website! Our new features include easier to use product filtering, updated blog, and account login for order management.  We are dedicated to delivering the easiest experience when it comes to finding the QC you need to ...

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