Spice Level 1

Product: 13000

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Product Details

*Although we no longer maintain a ready-to-order stock of this control, we offer our Spice Level 1 Synthetic Marijuana Urine Control on a made-to-order basis through our Custom QC program.

Our Spice Urine Control is a mixture of shredded herbs and synthetic chemicals designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. The mixture is usually smoked; although, it can be used in a variety of other ways. It is addictive. Toxicity often causes severe psychotic symptoms, convulsions and death.

Product Contains: AM2201 N-(4-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite, JWH 018 N-(5-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite, JWH 073 N-(4-Hydroxybutyl) Metabolite, **JWH 081 N-(5-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite, JWH 122 N-(5-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite, JWH 210 N-(5-Carboxypentyl) Metabolite, JWH 250 N-(4-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite, MAM2201 N-Pentanoic Acid Metabolite, RCS-4 M9 Metabolite, RCS-4 N-(5-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite, UR-144 5-Hydroxypentyl Metabolite, XLR11 N-(4-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite**JWH 081 N-(5-Hydroxypentyl) Metabolite has been weighed and spiked into this control material; however, no claim has been made for reference values or stability.

Matrix: Urine
Unit Size: 5x3mL
Form: Frozen
Shelf Life: 18 months
Storage: Store fresh frozen control material at or below -10℃ (14℉).